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‘Going Postal’ airing end of May

Originally, ‘Going Postal‘ was said to be airing on Sky HD and Sky One around Easter 2010. However, the 2 part TV event is now slated to air at the end of May 2010. I’ve not been able to find specific dates yet. Stay tuned!


  1. O dude! It’s going to be a dual torture! Not enough that I can’t watch it “live” here in Germany, anyway! To top it all off, they are even dangling the realization of this impossibility like a wiener in front of my nose. It’s so frustrating…

  2. Phooey. I’ve been looking forward to this since December. I even told my friends to watch for it. Now we’re waiting another 2 months?

  3. we were looking foreward for the screaning’ trying to find someone to record and upload it to the net.

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