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‘Going Postal’ Reception

Following the airing of ‘Going Postal‘ on Sunday and Monday the general echo about the Terry Pratchett adaptation is very favourable. Many reviews called it entertaining and great fun and were praising the excellent cast – including Claire Foy – as well as the show’s visuals. And Claire seems to have gained quite a number of new fans according to Twitter.

Claire Foy a sneering delight as Adora Deerheart, the perfect anti-love interest for the perfect anti-hero.
– Metro

The stellar cast is headed by Richard Coyle as conman-turned- postmaster Moist von Lipwig and Claire Foy as Adora Belle Dearheart.
– Mirror

Clare Foy is a petite powder keg of sarcastic sharp-tongued charm and compact strength in four inch steel-tipped stilettos in her Adora Belle guise
– Den of Geek

It was the most-watched multichannel show of the day on Sunday, with 879,000 viewers and a 5% audience share. The second part on Monday attracted 627,000 viewers and brought Sky an audience share of 3.2%.

Sky1 HD and Sky1 are repeating all of ‘Going Postal on Friday, June 4th from 6pm! And it will be released on Region 2 Blu-ray & 2 Disc Special Edition DVD on August 23, 2010 including the following extras:

• Exclusive Terry Pratchett Introduction
• Deleted Scenes
• Blooper Reel
• Image Gallery: props, set drawings, storyboards
• Cast, Crew and Terry Pratchett interviews
• Director audio commentary

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  1. So glad going postal is going to be on dvd.we can’t get it here in the us.Thank you Miss Foy for all you hard work your loveing fan’s do see it in all your do. God Bless.

  2. Glad to see that Clair is doing so well. Wish we could see more of her here in the states.

  3. Just watch Going Postal, what kick I found it very funny fun to watch movie,Like most I,v love to watch miss Foy’s act,you never know where she will take you ,but you know you will love the ride!Thank you Miss Foy for the ride look forword to up coming dvd releace.God Bless

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