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Claire Foy casts spells in ‘Season of the Witch’

Claire Foy is a major talent. She is a fantastic actress, she is strikingly beautiful and she has an amazing personality. And best of all, she is starring opposite Nicolas Cage as “the Witch” in Season of the Witch. While she may be appearing opposite Nic Cage and Ron Perlman, she steals the show with her wild and terrifying performance. recently had the chance to talk with Claire and we briefly spoke about her work in Little Dorrit and Going Postal, but we talked a lot about playing a witch in her latest. She is funny and extremely charming. She opened up about working with Nic and Ron, researching the role, and about how it wasn’t the “boys club” that you might think.

So be sure to check out Season of the Witch when it opens on January 7 at a theatre near you. Continue reading Claire Foy casts spells in ‘Season of the Witch’

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‘Upstairs Downstairs’ Episode 3 Screencaptures

Sorry for the delay but screencaptures of Claire Foy as Lady Persephone Towyn are up in the gallery now! I was quite surprised to see Lady Persie follow through in earnest on her beliefs in this final part (it seems). While I was disappointed in this it was a pleasure to see Claire Foy act in ‘Upstairs Downstairs‘ – there wasn’t a single false note and despite everything she played her character with just the right balance of pride, charm and vulnerability. This is why I hope to see her back at Eaton Place 165 when and if more episodes will be commissioned.

Upstairs Downstairs: Episode 03: The Cuckoo

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‘Upstairs Downstairs’ Episode 2 Screencaptures

Last night’s episode picked up the pace and everybody seems to get into trouble one way or the other. Lady Persie showcased more of her flirtatious nature and I have to agree that her naïvité is probably not helping her. Be sure to tune in tonight – again on BBC one at 9pm – for the third and last instalment of ‘Upstairs Downstairs‘ this year.

Upstairs Downstairs: Episode 02: The Ladybird

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‘Upstairs Downstairs’ Episode 1 Screencaptures

Did you enjoy last night’s first episode of ‘Upstairs Downstairs‘? I think it was a splendid introduction and can’t wait for tonight to see what happens. Claire Foy as Lady Persie arrived only half-way through the episode but then added feisty sparks whenever she was on the scene. Be sure to watch tonight on BBC One at 9pm to see what more her characters gets up to now that she’s in London.

Upstairs Downstairs: Episode 01: The Fledgling

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‘Upstairs Downstairs’ stars reveal all

Upstairs Downstairs stars reveal all. Read the whole article here.

But it appears that the real stand-out performance among the cast and crew and the one who seems to have made the most impact on its peers was in fact a capucin monkey who, according to Foy, behaved like a toddler throughout filming in Bridgend and Treforest and was near impossible to control.

She says: “I had to see the monkey before we started rolling, as I knew if I just walked in there during the scene, I would have a heart attack, so they had to introduce it to me.

“She was just sat there, bum squeaking on the table, licking stuff and hitting things – like a small child.

“During the first take I had to pretend to be asleep, but I could see her out of the corner of my eye just get up, walk out of shot, get some grapes and start eating them in front of me, looking bored stiff. I couldn’t go on, I’ve never laughed so much.

“She’s big too, and if you tried to take something off her she’d just grab it back.

“Safe to say, I have no major desire to work with animals again. Then again, it’s not every day you’re stuck filming in a room with a monkey.”

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AOL TV met the stars of ‘Upstairs Downstairs’

AOL Television met the stars of ‘Upstairs Downstairs‘. Read the whole article here.

Claire Foy as Percy in Upstairs Downstairs

Next we caught up with Claire Foy, star of Little Dorrit, who plays Lady Persephone, asked about her character she said: “She’s definitely a rebel, Persie, but she’s lovely with it.

“She’s Agnes’s sister, you don’t learn much about her in the first episode, but she’s brought to London from Wales to do the whole social thing and when she arrives she’s very uncouth.

“But that stays with Persie throughout the whole thing, she doesn’t conform in anyway, not deliberately, she just wants excitement and parties.”

In the show we see Percy on a Blackshirts march. At the time Britain was facing a threat from Oswald Mosley’s fascist Blackshirts, as Claire explains: “Politics offers her excitement, at the time in 1936 it was exciting, a lot of girls like Percy went off the tracks a little bit. She just goes where the boys are, where the fun is, but she does really read up on it and get in to it.

“She only cares about herself and doesn’t really listen to people either,” she continues.

“Agnes is probably a bit ashamed of Persie, she wants Persie to be a proper lady but she’s has spent her entire life around animals roaming around the Welsh countryside wearing her dad’s clothes, she’s not at all that way inclined. I think Persie deep down wants to be like Agnes but she doesn’t know how to do that so she decides to piss her off instead.”

Speaking of her admiration for her fellow cast members she said: “Anne Reid was a hero, and that’s mainly from Corrie, obviously Eileen and everyone else really, I’d heard of them all before I joined the show.”

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More ‘Upstairs Downstairs’ Articles in TV Supplements

– Scans: The Herald Arts (UK) – December 18, 2010
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‘Season of the Witch’ Interview, Clips etc

Dread Central has more clips from ‘Season of the Witch‘. Watch them on their site or below the cut.

Thanks to Georgia from Talulah Riley Network all our ‘Season of the Witch‘ Production Stills have been replaced with high quality versions. And there’s one new still. I also replaced the screencaptures of the interview with Nicolas Cage with better quality ones and added the caps from the new interview posted yesterday.

Season of the Witch (2010): Production Stills
Season of the Witch (2010): Clips
– Interviews/News Segments: | Season of the Witch | Interview
– Interviews/News Segments: Film N | Season of the Witch | Interview

Continue reading ‘Season of the Witch’ Interview, Clips etc

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On BBC 5 Live earlier today

Claire Foy and her co-star Anne Reid joined Richard Bacon of BBC Radio 5 Live this afternoon at 3.40pm to talk about ‘Upstairs Downstairs‘. You can listen to the programme on the BBC Website (available until next Monday). You want to go to 1h41 min for the actual interview.

Journalist Ian Wylie posted a picture of the 2 in the studio. Thank you for letting us put it in our gallery. He had this to say about Claire Foy:

She is, typically, brilliant in Upstairs Downstairs.

– Interviews/News Segments: BBC 5 Live | In the Studio

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For the first time since the site’s existence Claire Foy Source has a new look! Many thanks for the fresh look goes to our friend Amanda from Admiring Anne-Marie. We hope you like it as much as we do!

Be sure to bookmark the site as we continue to bring you all the latest news & pictures about Claire Foy – over the next few months she has many new projects coming out!

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You Magazine

Claire Foy is featured in today’s You magazine with a brand-new photoshoot and interview well worth a read. She talks about her upcoming projects Upstairs Downstairs and Season of the Witch and how looks and fame are not what’s important. You can find it on the Daily Mail Website.

I find fame a very abstract thing to think about – I don’t think that will happen to me. I would hate to be hounded. I think it would be terrible to be Sienna Miller or Keira Knightley and be turned into this paparazzi person. I’d love to have their careers but not what goes with it.

Obviously, when I was a teenager I used to spend hours straightening my hair and I had terrible skin that used to really upset me. But when I was 18 I had a horrible growth on my eye that eventually had to be operated on. That taught me not to care so much about the way I looked. I got over myself. I don’t mind how I look for a part as long as it fits the character.

‘It would be terrible to be turned into a paparazzi person’, You Magazine, December 19

– Magazine Scans > Scans from 2010: You Magazine (UK) – December 19
– Photoshoots: You Magazine (2010)

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‘It would be terrible to be turned into a paparazzi person’

from You Magazine (UK), by Jane Gordon

She is keen to keep her private life out of the spotlight. But with a starring role in the hotly anticipated revival of Upstairs, Downstairs and a US premiere on the way, can Claire Foy avoid getting the Keira and Sienna treatment?

Claire Foy is hungry. It’s midday in the ground-floor café at the National Theatre and she is eating a slice of lemon drizzle cake so big that it’s a wonder the fragile beauty – brilliantly cast in the leading role of the BBC’s award-winning adaptation of Little Dorrit – has the strength to lift it.

Between mouthfuls, the 26-year-old actress explains that she has just finished an audition that had made her so nervous she had skipped breakfast. ‘I really want the part so I can’t possibly tell you what it is because then I know I won’t get it. It’s a bit too good to be true,’ she says a little plaintively.
Continue reading ‘It would be terrible to be turned into a paparazzi person’

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‘Upstairs Downstairs’ in TV Supplements

– Scans: Mirror We Love Telly (UK) – December 18-31, 2010
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Upstairs Downstairs (TV, 2010): Promotion

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And Even More ‘Upstairs Downstairs’ Related Scans

Another addition to the residents upstairs is Lady Persephone, played by Claire Foy, 26, best known for playing the title role in 2008’s Little Dorrit.

“I am the rebel in this,” says Claire, delightedly. “Persie is Agnes’s sister, but she’s spent her childhood in the Welsh countryside. Agnes brings her to London to do the whole debutante thing but she’s uncouth and does the wrong things.”

– Scans: Daily Express Saturday (UK) – December 11, 2010
– Scans: TV Easy (UK) – December 18-31, 2010

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