Apr 26,2011

‘The Night Watch’ to be shown at the Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

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The Night Watch” Thursday, May 28, 7 p.m.

The Colony Theatre, Miami Beach
Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
Through May 1 at theaters in Miami, Miami Beach and Coral Gables
For tickets and more information, go to MGLFF.com

“Someone once said a happy ending depends on when you decide to stop your story…then again, when you realize your story is not yet over, you are only at the end of the beginning.”

Such is the premise for the BBC film “The Night Watch,” Richard Laxton’s historical drama for the BBC set in 1947 post-World War II London. The ending is just the beginning as the story of four young people exploring their sexuality unfolds through a series of progressive flashbacks taking them into the dark nights of the Nazi air raids of London. As the sirens wail and bombs explode around them, each is confronted with passionate trysts and trials during a period of hardship and strict sexual morality.

Kay (Anna Maxwell Martin) is a Lesbian ambulance driver who struggles to hold on to her young lover, Helen (Claire Foy), while blocking out the horrors she must confront in war-torn neighborhoods each evening. Viv (Jodie Whittaker) finds herself entangled in an extramarital affair with a husband and father and must ultimately deal with the consequences of an unintended pregnancy and the resulting illegal abortion. Duncan (Harry Treadaway) is a young ex-convict, wrongly put away for failing to follow through on a suicide pact with a teen friend, who must confront his feelings toward a handsome former cell mate.

Paula Milne’s teleplay, based on a novel by Sarah Waters, brilliantly weaves the events of the characters’ lives together and the flashbacks serve to create even more intrigue. And, as can be expected from the BBC, every attention to detail is made to convincingly send viewers back nearly 70 years with flawless sets and costumes and beautiful cinematography.


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  1. Comment by Merlita in May 10, 2011 @ 1:19 pm

    I’m confused… So this girl, Kay, is in a lesbian relationship with Helen while still married to a man…? I’m not sure if I’m getting that correct…

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