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‘The Night Watch’: More UK Scans

Helen, played by Claire Foy, is Kay’s girlfriend but she’s less certain of her sexuality than Kay and struggles with social taboo.

“Helen is a lost soul who doesn’t really see herself as a lesbian,” explains Claire, 27. “She doesn’t like living a lie and she can’t justify being with a woman in her mind if other people think it’s a bad thing to do.

“So when she falls passionately in love with a woman, that’s a shock for her.” (Source)

The Night Watch will air next Tuesday, July 12, on BBC2, at 9pm.

– Scans: Daily Express Saturday (UK) – July 9, 2011
– Scans: Daily Mail Weekend (UK) – July 9, 2011
– Scans: Woman (UK) – July 11, 2011
– Scans: Clippings from 2011

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