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Foy: My search for Nicolas Cage

Claire Foy has revealed she went on a Nicolas Cage hunt while filming her new period drama The Night Watch.

The Upstairs, Downstairs star worked with Cage on the film Season Of The Witch, and while filming on location in Bath, where she knew he had a home, decided to try and track him down.

Claire said: “I did walk around the crescent where he lives going, ‘Nic, Niiiiiic!’ in the hope he would open his door.”

She added: “He’s a lovely man. When I first met, him he strode across the car park and went, ‘I’m so glad you’re doing this movie’. I thought, ‘Oh my God, are you mad?’ It was such a bizarre experience. I couldn’t think of what to say, because Nicolas Cage saying he’s glad that I’m doing the film that he’s doing was just a bit odd.”

In the TV adaptation of Sarah Waters’ novel The Night Watch, the 27-year-old actress plays Helen, who is caught in a love triangle with two women played by Anna Maxwell Martin and Anna Wilson-Jones.

Claire confessed she found it easier filming love scenes with women than she does with men.

She said:”Anna [Wilson-Jones] and I had a scene in the bath, and the studio was so cold we actually stayed in the bath because it was too cold to come out!

“If I’d have been in a bath with a man I would have been out of it at every take but we were just sat there laughing, saying, ‘All right love?’ and having cups of tea.”

:: The Night Watch is on BBC Two on Tuesday, July 12


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