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‘Wreckers’ to premiere at 55th BFI London Film Festival

Finally ‘Wreckers‘ will have its world premiere! It’s part of the lineup of the 55th BFI London Film Festival in the section “New British Cinema”. It will be screened on the following dates:

Sunday, October 16, 18.30
Tuesday, October 18, 15.30
Friday, October 21, 21.00

Visit the film’s page on the official Festival website to see more details.

Wreckers (2011): Production Stills

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‘Going Postal’ Blu-ray Extras

I added screencaptures of all the ‘Going Postal‘ Blu-ray extras featuring Claire Foy. Most of them are only DVD quality however. I deleted the previous captures from the website featurettes because they all had huge SKY tags on them and were now included in the Blu-ray Extras.

Going Postal (TV, 2010): Blu-ray Featurette > Blooper Reel
Going Postal (TV, 2010): DVD Featurette > Interview Claire Foy
Going Postal (TV, 2010): DVD Featurette > Interview Make-Up
Going Postal (TV, 2010): DVD Featurette > Interview The Fans

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‘The Promise’ Blu-ray Screencaptures – Part 4

As promised, here the screencaptures of Claire Foy as Erin Matthews in the fourth and final episode of ‘The Promise‘. After Paul comes and gets Erin when she’s stuck in Hebron they continue the search for her grandad’s servant and or his family. However, they learn that he moved to Gaza. Paul being unwilling to take her into the warzone Erin asks Omar. When he realizes she plans to return a precious house key to Mohammed he finally agrees to take her. Ending up by herself with relatives of Mohammed Erin faces danger as Israeli soldiers are raiding the house because the family’s daughter was a suicide bomber.

The Promise (TV, 2011): Episode 04