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Claire Foy in Yigal Azrouel

Whilst attending the after party for her latest blockbuster, Season of the Witch, British actress Claire Foy was dressed to impress in Yigal Azrouel dress in New York on Tuesday.

Proving that long lengths are sticking around for yet another season, the rising young star rocked the formal floorlength gown, complete with a contrasting sheer white upper body and statement black waistband – not to mention a seductive thigh high split – with an air of effortless elegance and a subtle sexiness to boot.

And teaming her look with black accessories, Foy certainly knows how to turn pared-down minimalism into one massive style statement – and with a slick of vibrant red lippy, this British beauty proves she’s got what it takes in the style stakes.

So keep your eyes peeled for this up-and coming-fashionista – she’s definitely one to watch for 2011.


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‘Season Of The Witch’ Press Day

Earlier this week I got a chance to go to the press conference for the new supernatural thriller, “Season of the Witch,” with actors Nicolas Cage, Ron Perlman, Claire Foy, Robert Sheehan, and Stephen Campbell Moore. Aside from actors being covered in bacon and attacked by wolves, I’d really like to know more about Ron Perlman’s hotel habits. I never thought I would, but I do.

This film is rooted in the time of the Crusades. What themes in the film do you think are relevant to today?

Nicolas Cage: I think there are enormous parallels to be made in politics and religion, but I don’t want to draw them. I’ll leave it up to you guys to sort that out.

Ron Perlman: Very, very good answer. Continue reading ‘Season Of The Witch’ Press Day

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Claire Foy Steps Out in Charlotte Olympia Dolly Platforms

Claire Foy wore Charlotte Olympia’s undeniably glamorous Dolly heels to the Season of the Witch premiere. The black canvas heels feature pointy toes and knockout gold platforms.

Claire paired the shoes with a gray and white minimalist evening dress. A simple yet chic black hard case clutch finishes off the lovely look.


Claire Foy styled her brunette locks in a loose bun complete with soft curls. Her chic ‘do was the perfect way to accent her sheer top.

Claire finished off her look with rosy red lips and fluttering lashes.


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Claire Foy of ‘Season of the Witch’ Talks Massive Attack, Witches and Bruce Springsteen

There’s a question looming at the blackened heart of Season of the Witch, and it drives the entire film.

Is Claire Foy’s character a witch, or isn’t she? Well, you’ll have to find out for yourself when the movie hits theaters on Friday January 7, 2011…

Perfectly complicating that puzzle, Foy seamlessly teeters between seemingly evil and sensitively vulnerable. It’s a rather delicate performance from the actress. While mired in the midst of all kinds of supernatural madness and heroic bravado from Nicolas Cage and Ron Perlman, Foy remains creepy, cool, and captivating, conjuring a mystical presence all her own. She’s one reason why it’s so fun to fall into Season of the Witch.

Claire Foy sat down for an exclusive interview with editor and Dolor author Rick Florino about Season of the Witch, listening to Massive Attack to become evil, her playlist and so much more! Continue reading Claire Foy of ‘Season of the Witch’ Talks Massive Attack, Witches and Bruce Springsteen

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NextFactor: Claire Foy

Claire Foy might be a relative unknown in the United States, but the 26-year-old actress will soon put American audiences under her spell as she stars opposite Nicolas Cage and Ron Perlman in the new supernatural thriller “Season of the Witch.”

Not a bad pair of co-stars for her first Hollywood outing. So, naturally, one would assume that she’d have amassed some crazy stories Nic Cage has become known for recently. “No, really disappointingly,” Foy, who plays a character simply known as “The Girl,” laments. “Nic was just always such a gentleman and probably really well behaved around me.”

But despite the lack of classic Cage antics, the English beauty still had a great time in the role—though she makes sure to leave the spellbinding at work after filming wraps. “It scares me a little bit, the idea of it,” she says. ”But I’ve always been the sort of person who believes in ghosts and those sort of things. I definitely have respect for everything like that but it’s not something I ever want to look into in depth.”

That’s probably for the best considering “Season of the Witch” was not her first on screen run-in with the occult, but we’ll let “Foyster Oyster” fill you in herself. Meet Claire Foy. Continue reading NextFactor: Claire Foy

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Claire Foy on ‘Season of the Witch’, Dream Roles and Why Nicolas Cage Isn’t Crazy

Will 2011 be the year of Claire Foy? She’s getting an early-enough start: The 26-year-old British actress makes her big-screen debut this week in Season of the Witch, starring as a nameless, possibly accursed young woman whom a pair of 14th-century knights (Nicolas Cage and Ron Perlman) must transport to an abbey in the hopes of curbing the Black Plague. If only it were that easy: One misfortune and suspicion after another befalls the knights’ quest, threatening them, their cargo, and maybe the entirety of human civilization. All in a day’s work, right?

Foy’s breakthrough follows a flurry of high-profile TV roles, including her turn as the title character in the BBC’s acclaimed miniseries adaptation of the Dickens novel Little Dorrit. Movieline caught up with Foy recently to discuss Season of the Witch, why Cage might be a little misunderstood, and a couple other, older Hollywood legends she wouldn’t mind having a crack at in front of the camera. Continue reading Claire Foy on ‘Season of the Witch’, Dream Roles and Why Nicolas Cage Isn’t Crazy

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Claire Foy casts spells in ‘Season of the Witch’

Claire Foy is a major talent. She is a fantastic actress, she is strikingly beautiful and she has an amazing personality. And best of all, she is starring opposite Nicolas Cage as “the Witch” in Season of the Witch. While she may be appearing opposite Nic Cage and Ron Perlman, she steals the show with her wild and terrifying performance. recently had the chance to talk with Claire and we briefly spoke about her work in Little Dorrit and Going Postal, but we talked a lot about playing a witch in her latest. She is funny and extremely charming. She opened up about working with Nic and Ron, researching the role, and about how it wasn’t the “boys club” that you might think.

So be sure to check out Season of the Witch when it opens on January 7 at a theatre near you. Continue reading Claire Foy casts spells in ‘Season of the Witch’

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‘Upstairs Downstairs’ stars reveal all

Upstairs Downstairs stars reveal all. Read the whole article here.

But it appears that the real stand-out performance among the cast and crew and the one who seems to have made the most impact on its peers was in fact a capucin monkey who, according to Foy, behaved like a toddler throughout filming in Bridgend and Treforest and was near impossible to control.

She says: “I had to see the monkey before we started rolling, as I knew if I just walked in there during the scene, I would have a heart attack, so they had to introduce it to me.

“She was just sat there, bum squeaking on the table, licking stuff and hitting things – like a small child.

“During the first take I had to pretend to be asleep, but I could see her out of the corner of my eye just get up, walk out of shot, get some grapes and start eating them in front of me, looking bored stiff. I couldn’t go on, I’ve never laughed so much.

“She’s big too, and if you tried to take something off her she’d just grab it back.

“Safe to say, I have no major desire to work with animals again. Then again, it’s not every day you’re stuck filming in a room with a monkey.”

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‘It would be terrible to be turned into a paparazzi person’

from You Magazine (UK), by Jane Gordon

She is keen to keep her private life out of the spotlight. But with a starring role in the hotly anticipated revival of Upstairs, Downstairs and a US premiere on the way, can Claire Foy avoid getting the Keira and Sienna treatment?

Claire Foy is hungry. It’s midday in the ground-floor café at the National Theatre and she is eating a slice of lemon drizzle cake so big that it’s a wonder the fragile beauty – brilliantly cast in the leading role of the BBC’s award-winning adaptation of Little Dorrit – has the strength to lift it.

Between mouthfuls, the 26-year-old actress explains that she has just finished an audition that had made her so nervous she had skipped breakfast. ‘I really want the part so I can’t possibly tell you what it is because then I know I won’t get it. It’s a bit too good to be true,’ she says a little plaintively.
Continue reading ‘It would be terrible to be turned into a paparazzi person’

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‘Upstairs Downstairs’ in TV Supplements

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Upstairs Downstairs (TV, 2010): Promotion

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And Even More ‘Upstairs Downstairs’ Related Scans

Another addition to the residents upstairs is Lady Persephone, played by Claire Foy, 26, best known for playing the title role in 2008’s Little Dorrit.

“I am the rebel in this,” says Claire, delightedly. “Persie is Agnes’s sister, but she’s spent her childhood in the Welsh countryside. Agnes brings her to London to do the whole debutante thing but she’s uncouth and does the wrong things.”

– Scans: Daily Express Saturday (UK) – December 11, 2010
– Scans: TV Easy (UK) – December 18-31, 2010

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Big ‘Upstairs Downstairs’ Gallery Update

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Upstairs Downstairs: Production Stills
Upstairs Downstairs: Promotion
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‘Upstairs Downstairs’ Interview – Claire Foy plays Lady Persephone Towyn

How would you describe Lady Persie?

Persie’s a funny one. She’s selfish, headstrong, rude and a bit ditsy at the same time. She’s a bit troublesome. But she’s also charming, and doesn’t really mean anyone harm. She does some terrible things, but for some reason you can’t help but like her. She loves adventure and she definitely goes against convention. Excitement plays a massive part in the choices she makes. She has to better herself all the time. I think it’s just the way she likes her life to be. She doesn’t see why everyone has to be so boring all the time.
Continue reading ‘Upstairs Downstairs’ Interview – Claire Foy plays Lady Persephone Towyn