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Aug 21,2015

Claire Foy devient la reine d’Angleterre (il ne s’agit pourtant pas d’Anne Boleyn)

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On remercie nos ami(e)s francophones pour les visites reçues depuis hier. Depuis la diffusion de La Petite Dorrit et The Promise, on sait bien que vous aimez le travail de Claire Foy et ses projets. Nous espérons que ce ne sera pas différent avec The Crown. On vous remercie de votre intérêt et on vous attend sur le site !

Jul 25,2014

‘Crossbones’ News, Screencaptures Episodes 3-6 & Stills

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Episode 7 of ‘Crossbones‘ will air later tonight as scheduled. NBC announced yesterday that they will be airing episodes 8 & 9 next Saturday, August 2 from 8pm – instead of on August 1 and 8 – thus effectively cancelling the series after bad ratings. The article talks about these episodes being the final two episodes. I’m a bit confused because I thought they filmed 10 episodes. Well, the series will come to DVD soon, on September 2, and I think those 386 minutes of runtime listed on would suggest that there will be 10 episodes on the DVD. Also Amazon lists deleted scenes as special features. Don’t forget to pre-order!

In other news, we are all caught up with screencaptures of Claire Foy as Kate Balfour in episodes 3 to 6. And there are 3 new stills, 2 from tonight’s episode. Enjoy!

And Anna has updated the biography page and added more information to our ‘Crossbones’ section.

– Crossbones: Episode 3: The Man Who Killed Blackbeard
– Crossbones: Episode 4: Antoinette
– Crossbones: Episode 5: The Return
– Crossbones: Episode 6: A Hole in the Head
– Crossbones: Production Stills

Mar 09,2013

Video from ‘Macbeth’ Opening Night

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I added screencaptures and a video from ‘Macbeth‘s Opening Night back in February. Also check out the updated sidebar and the special project page for ‘Macbeth‘.

– Interviews/News Segments: Trafalgar Studios | Macbeth | Opening Night

– Events: Premieres

Jan 04,2013

Shameless Plugs!

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Please visit our friend Chuckie‘s websites! They’re celebrating their first anniversary online! 😀

Feb 19,2012

New Layout

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We are very excited to finally launch the new look for Claire Foy Source! The talented Tathy finished the layout months ago but somehow we never got it ready to launch. The new episode of ‘Upstairs Downstairs‘ is currently still airing on BBC One so once it’s finished you may want to browse our new video archive as well as the totally re-modelled projects section – not only should it be more accessible but there’s also more information and it should be complete. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

Stay tuned for more updates throughout the coming weeks as Claire Foy will be seen in both ‘Upstairs Downstairs‘ and ‘White Heat‘.

Oct 22,2011

Claire Section Updated

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I’ve just updated the Claire section of this website with brand new info that Mia and I recently gained access to. I hope you’ll all enjoy to learn new tidbits about Miss Foy. 🙂

May 30,2011

New Family Site: Stephen C. Moore Fan

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Please visit the site that a friend of ours has just opened dedicated to Claire Foy’s costar from ‘Season of the Witch‘ and ‘Pulse‘ Stephen Campbell Moore:

Stephen C. Moore Fan

May 24,2011

Shameless Plug

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Please visit the site that a friend of ours has just opened dedicated to Kate Middleton:


Mar 01,2011

Message to our visitors

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Dear visitors:

Our intention isn’t to start a debate about Israel, Palestine and the conflicts in the Middle East. Our goal is simply to inform people about Ms Foy’s career. Ours isn’t a political site, and we don’t intend to make it a platform for either sides. All we can say is that we have no hatred whatsoever towards anyone or any anti-Semitic feelings.

Thank you for understanding.

Anna & Mia

Dec 19,2010

New Layout!

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For the first time since the site’s existence Claire Foy Source has a new look! Many thanks for the fresh look goes to our friend Amanda from Admiring Anne-Marie. We hope you like it as much as we do!

Be sure to bookmark the site as we continue to bring you all the latest news & pictures about Claire Foy – over the next few months she has many new projects coming out!

Jan 04,2010

Poster for ‘Through the Window’

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I added the Poster for Sky 1’s recent collection of dialogue-free short films 10 Minute Tales – as Anna posted Claire Foy starred in one of them (Through the Window).

I also updated the sidebar and projects page. Due to Claire’s increasing number of projects information for each one of them can now be found on separate pages. Information about 10 Minute Tales: Through the Window (2009) – TV Short Film.

Dec 24,2009

Happy Holidays!!!

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Happy Holidays!!!

Happy Holidays and all the best wishes for the New Year 2010!

Jun 23,2009

Site Opening

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Welcome to Claire Foy Source aka, your newest and first source for Claire Foy! After a few weeks of having up only a temporary site and gallery, we have opened the full version of the site. Claire Foy Source is owned and operated by Anna and Mia. We’ve recently discovered Miss Foy in Little Dorrit and decided to build this site as a tribute to this young actress who managed to captivate our attention like a veteran actress. We tried to make this site as complete as could be, but, at the moment, there isn’t much about Claire out there. Please stay tuned because Claire Foy Source will keep growing, just like Miss Foy’s career! We hope you enjoy this tribute we’ve built for the English star on the rise.