May 08,2010

First look at Hannah in ‘Pulse’

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The BBC3 pilot ‘Pulse‘ will air sometime in June and so far the few advance reviews have been very positive. Let’s hope it will get picked up!

The main character, Hannah, like all the best Heroes/heroines has her own inner demons to conquer when’s she’s not busy uncovering that all is not well at St Timothy’s. Her growth from a daughter struggling with her mother’s death and the huge shoes she now has to fill to reluctant heroine feels realistic. It would have been easy to start the episode with a massive info dump to give us her background but instead we are allowed to find out how and why she’s so traumatized as the episode draws on.
source: Geek Syndicate

- Movies & Television > Pulse (TV, 2010): Promotion
- Movies & Television > Pulse (TV, 2010): Production Stills

May 08,2010

‘Going Postal’ Extended Trailer etc

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I replaced the captures of the first trailer with some without the Sky Logo and added captures of the extended ‘Going Postal‘ trailer that can be watched on the official site or below the cut. Also added some new stills. Apparently, ‘Going Postal‘ is scheduled to air on May 30.

The author of the book, Terry Pratchett, described Adora Belle Dearheart, Claire’s character, as “a kind of Bogart heroine” in a recent interview with The Independent.

- Movies & Television > Going Postal (TV, 2010): Production Stills
- Movies & Television > Going Postal (TV, 2010): Trailer
- Movies & Television > Going Postal (TV, 2010): Extended Trailer

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May 08,2010

Nylon Magazine TV

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As posted by Anna yesterday, Claire is featured in Nylon Magazine TV’s video about Best Love Songs. Watch Claire’s choice – Chris Isaak’s Wicked Gamehere.

- Interviews/News Segments: Nylon Magazine TV | Young Hollywood 2010 | Love Mash

May 07,2010

Nylon Scan

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British actresses Claire Foy and Holliday Grainger are both featured in Nylon’s Young Hollywood 2010 issue. They also appear in an exclusive video that you can watch here.

- Scans: Nylon (USA) – May 2010

Apr 27,2010

Sky Magazine Scans

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The stars reveal the secrets of Going Postal!

“Adora is a badass!” laughs Claire Foy, who plays the girl Lipwig falls in love with. “She’s hard as nails but vulnerable underneath.”

- Scans: Sky Magazine (UK) – May 2010, with big thanks to Lorna

Apr 06,2010

‘Going Postal’ Trailer & Poster

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The trailer for ‘Going Postal‘ is now on Sky HD and their website. The website trailer is also advertising the – as of yet empty – official site.

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Watch the trailer below the cut:
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Apr 06,2010

Plot Details for ‘Pulse’ Pilot

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At the beginning of the year we posted about Pulse – a BBC3 pilot written by Paul Cornell and starring Claire Foy. I recently came across an official plot synopsis:

St Timothy’s is one of the UK’s top teaching hospitals, home to some of the country’s most promising trainee doctors. But beneath its veneer of medical normality lies a secret network of dangerous experiments pushing back the boundaries of science with potentially horrifying consequences in this one-off 60-minute medical horror drama written by Paul Cornell.

Hannah Carter’s mother was a consultant at the hospital, but died suddenly a year ago. Grief left Hannah (Claire Foy) teetering on the edge, but following a year off, she’s back to resume her training. But Hannah remains fragile, so when she starts glimpsing peculiar events in the hospital and unsettling behavour from her ex-boyfriend and star surgeon Nick (Stephen Campbell Moore), she’s unsure what to believe.

Ignoring the pleas of those around her, Hannah puts her sanity on the line to uncover the truth about the hospital.

Source: BBC

Apr 06,2010

New Headshot

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- Photoshoots: Headshots

Mar 24,2010

‘Going Postal’ airing end of May

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Originally, ‘Going Postal‘ was said to be airing on Sky HD and Sky One around Easter 2010. However, the 2 part TV event is now slated to air at the end of May 2010. I’ve not been able to find specific dates yet. Stay tuned!

Mar 05,2010

InStyle and Marie Claire UK Scans

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From corsets to couture: 2010 looks set to be Claire Foy’s year!

- Scans: Marie Claire (UK) – April 2010
- Scans: InStyle (UK) – April 2010

Mar 02,2010

First Look at Adora Belle Dearheart

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I added 2 pictures from the upcoming TV movie ‘Going Postal‘ which show Claire Foy as Adora Belle Dearheart. Sky One will be airing this “story of sweet romance and dark revenge set against an ongoing dispute between a traditional postal system and Discworld’s equivalent of the internet” in April 2010. Stay tuned for the exact dates as well as hopefully more and/or better pictures. In the meantime the official plot synopsis:

When life as a travelling con artist catches up with swindler Moist Von Lipwig (Coyle), it looks as though he will face the death penalty. But awarded a last minute reprieve, Lipwig is given one more chance on the condition that he takes up the cursed role of postmaster, and transforms Ankh-Morpork’s decrepit post office. Making an immediate enemy of bloodthirsty tyrant Reacher Gilt (Suchet), Lipwig’s first instinct is to run… until he meets the spellbinding Adora Belle Dearheart (Foy) with whom he falls in love. But what they both are unaware of is the part Lipwig played in the downfall of the Dearheart family. Is their romance forever doomed?

- Movies & Television > Going Postal (TV, 2010) > Production Stills
- Movies & Television > Going Postal (TV, 2010) > Promotion

Feb 13,2010

‘Season of the Witch’ Bumped

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Lionsgate announced today that it won’t be releasing the Dominic Sena-directed supernatural thriller Season of the Witch on the crowded date of March 19th as was previously scheduled. There, the film was facing four other wide releases, including The Bounty Hunter, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Repo Men, and The Runaways.

The studio has not yet set a new date for the film, starring Nicolas Cage, Ron Perlman, Stephen Campbell Moore, Robert Sheehan, Claire Foy, Ulrich Thomsen, Stephen Graham and Christopher Lee.


Feb 10,2010

‘Season of the Witch’ Website is Live!

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I’m actually a bit late with updating about this because I’ve been out of the country but you may have already noticed this yourself when following our links to the Official ‘Season of the Witch’ Website. It was updated with actual content last week. Check it out now to watch the trailer, look through the gallery, grab spooky downloads and more. Make sure to view the site in “full screen mode” to really experience the chills and thrills of what’s to come on March 19th! Please note, as we get closer to release, the site will be continually updated with new video content and cool interactive features that will take you deeper into the world of the witch.

- Movies & Television > Season of the Witch (2010) > Website
- Movies & Television > Season of the Witch (2010) > Official Wallpaper

Feb 07,2010

New ‘Wreckers’ Stills and More

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Added two photos from the British Academy Television Craft Awards 2009, the Russian poster for Season of the Witch and two brand new Wreckers stills.

Wreckers is a drama with a dark, erotic heart, and a unique twist on the theme of the returning soldier.

A dark tale of love, desire and secrets, between brothers and a new bride. Starring Claire Foy, Benedict Cumberbatch and Shaun Evans.

Wreckers was shot on 16mm last Summer on location in the Fens and outside London.

- Events: British Academy Television Craft Awards 2009
- Season of the Witch (2010): Posters & Covers
- Wreckers (2010): Production Stills

Feb 02,2010

Official ‘Season of the Witch’ Facebook Page

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We’re getting ever closer to March 19 – the theatrical release date for ‘Season of the Witch‘. Now, LionsGate has set up an official Facebook page for the movie. Of course there’s also the official movie site and we can follow Lionsgate on Twitter.

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