10 Minute Tales (2009)

Claire Foy is playing Woman (guest appearance)

10 Minute TalesTV Premiere: UK: December 21, 2009 on Sky1 / US: TBA
DVD Release: UK: November 29, 2010 / US: TBA
Created by: n/a

Mackenzie Crook, Bill Nighy, Peter Capaldi, Ross Kemp, and a host of major stars

Genre: Drama | Silent
Runtime: 10 minutes per episode
Rating: UK: PG / US: unknown

Plot Outline

The biggest names in writing, acting and directing come together in a series of shorts on Sky1 HD this festive period. Experience a novel Noel with these original, uplifting and highly creative slices of silent cinema that prove actions do speak louder than words. Starring Mackenzie Crook, Bill Nighy, Peter Capaldi, Ross Kemp, and a host of major stars, each of the 10 Minute Tales promises to be a unique and engaging look at life, loss, and love.

Claire's Role

Claire Foy plays the woman in this dialogue-free short film. She says goodbye to her husband who’s leaving because of the war. Later she’s pregnant and chuckles while reading a letter from him. When the baby’s born she’s lonely. Yet danger doesn’t just lurk on the battle field – also outside the house: the Blitz.

Episode featuring Claire Foy

Through the Window (1.08 - Aired on December 28, 2009)
Directed by Barry Skolnick
Written by Barry Skolnick
Additional Episode Cast

Claire Foy, Lee Ingleby, Sinead Michael, Lauren Kelly, Savannah Perkins


This poignant period piece reminds viewers that though loved ones can be lost, they can never be forgotten. A young soldier, who has been away at war, returns to find that his lover has been killed in the Blitz. Miraculously, their child managed to survive the deadly blast. The years pass and, as the widower and his daughter grow older, we learn that the deceased never truly departed… Eternal love is celebrated in this haunting, but tender tale.

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