Being Human (2008)

Claire Foy is playing Julia (guest appearance)

Being HumanTV Premiere: UK: February 18, 2008 on BBC3 / US: July 25, 2009 on BBC America
DVD Release: UK: April 20, 2009 / US: July 20, 2010
Created by: Toby Whithouse

Guy Flanagan, Russell Tovey, Andrea Riseborough, Claire Foy, Dominique McElligott, Dylan Brown

Genre: Comedy | Drama | Fantasy | Horror
Runtime: 60 minutes per episode
Rating: UK: 15 / US: Not Rated

Plot Outline

Two twentysomethings, George (a werewolf) and Mitchell (a vampire), move into a flatshare only to discover that their new home is haunted by Annie, the ghost of a previous tenant.

Claire's Role

George’s erstwhile fiancée Julia. Neither she or his family have seen him for two years and have assumed he was dead. They don’t know that George became a werewolf.

Episode featuring Claire Foy

Pilot (1.00 - Aired on February 18, 2008)
Directed by Declan O'Dwyer
Written by Toby Whithouse
Additional Episode Cast

Contemporary supernatural drama about George and Mitchell, a pair of perennial outsiders. Working in the anonymous drudgery of the local hospital, they live lives of quiet desperation – because Mitchell is a vampire and George is a werewolf. Deciding to turn over a new leaf, they move into a house together, only to find that it is haunted by Annie, the ghost of a woman killed in mysterious circumstances. As a threesome, they deal with the challenges of being supernatural creatures, bonded by their desire to adopt the lifestyle of their neighbours – humanity.

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