Hacks (2012)

Claire Foy is playing Kate Loy

HacksFilming Dates: Late 2011
TV Premiere: UK: January 1, 2012 on Channel 4 / US: TBA
DVD Release: UK: January 30, 2012 / US: TBA
Director: Guy Jenkin
Screenwriter: Guy Jenkin

Michael Kitchen, Alexander Armstrong, Claire Foy, Phil Davis, Nigel Planer and Russ Abbott

Genre: Black Comedy / Satire
Runtime: 60 minutes
Rating: UK: 15 / US: unknown

Plot Outline

Set in a fictional paper wherer the drive to get the story is intense – the phrase ‘by any means necessary’ doesn’t even cover it. Phone hacking, blagging, pinging… the staff here do it all. But it’s all about to unravel, and in a big way…

Editor Kate Loy doesn’t take any prisoners and the proprietor of the tabloid she runs, Stanhope Feast, demands she always gets the biggest stories first. But her moral compass went awry a long time ago – something that’s about to cause her major problems.

The scandal breaks and the net closes in on her, but things get funnier as things go from bad to worse for the characters.

Claire's Role

Claire Foy stars as tough tabloid editor on the rise Kate Loy. Kate no longer appears to have a moral compass, but her lack of ethics will end up causing a big scandal. She is appointed to the top job by the newspaper’s Australian owner (over the head of his impotent, bespectacled son), celebrates by spending the night with a well-known soap star and when, on her first day at the helm, she’s presented with a pile of files by a journalist, demands, “Why won’t you just hack phones like everyone else?”

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Filming Locations: on location in London, including in City Hall

• It’s not actually based on the News of the World scandal.

Quotes from Claire

I’ve played quite a lot of horrible people recently. I probably need to stop that.

Kate Loy is a ferociously ambitious newswoman who believes that you should do anything to get a story.

No, I deliberately didn’t look to recent events for inspiration. It’s not based on fact, it’s a comedy drama. It’s close to the bone but that’s what comedy is.

Quotes from Reviews

Jenkin’s satirical look at you know which story chronicles recent events remarkably accurately. Not the boring bits – the most outrageous, and the most fun. It is fun. And very, very silly. Claire Foy is properly good as the pushy moral vacuum of an editor.
The Guardian

Novak’s was one of many slick performances. Claire Foy was scary as a ruthless editor with some of the ambitious traits of Rebekah Brooks.
The Independent

A tabloid editor, Kate Loy (Claire Foy), who was aware of the nefarious means used to extract celebrity pay dirt, and oblivious to its human cost and cruelty. Except she wasn’t oblivious – the voices of phone-hacking victims were keeping her awake at night – and Foy, promising actor though she is, has something about her that suggests warmth and vulnerability.
The Daily Telegraph

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