Pulse (2010)

Claire Foy is playing Hannah Carter

PulseFilming Dates: unknown
TV Premiere: UK: June 3, 2010 on BBC3 / US: TBA
DVD Release: UK: TBA / US: TBA
Director: James Hawes
Screenwriter: Paul Cornell

Stephen Campbell Moore, Claire Foy, Ben Miles, Caroline Goodall, Arsher Ali, Emily Beecham, Alan Williams, Gregg Chillin, Matti Houghton, Eileen Davies, Jo Hartley

Based Upon: a story by Ben Teasdale
Genre: Medical Horror & Sci-Fi
Runtime: 53 minutes
Rating: UK: unknown / US: unknown

Plot Outline

St Timothy’s is one of the UK’s top teaching hospitals, home to some of the country’s most promising trainee doctors. But beneath its veneer of medical normality lies a secret network of dangerous experiments pushing back the boundaries of science with potentially horrifying consequences in this one-off 60-minute medical horror drama written by Paul Cornell.

Hannah Carter’s mother was a consultant at the hospital, but died suddenly a year ago. Grief left Hannah (Claire Foy) teetering on the edge, but following a year off, she’s back to resume her training. But Hannah remains fragile, so when she starts glimpsing peculiar events in the hospital and unsettling behavour from her ex-boyfriend and star surgeon Nick (Stephen Campbell Moore), she’s unsure what to believe.

Ignoring the pleas of those around her, Hannah puts her sanity on the line to uncover the truth about the hospital.

Claire's Role

Hannah Carter is the new girl with emotional baggage. The daughter of a former consultant at the hospital, she suffered a breakdown (in theatre) in the aftermath of her mother’s death. After a year away, she’s back to resume her medical training. But while she appears determined, Hannah remains fragile, and she’s prone to disturbing visions. To make matters worse, Hannah discovers her ex-boyfriend (and first love) Nick is now seeing one of her fellow junior doctors.

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• Pulse together with Dappers and Stanley Park were 3 pilots that aired on BBC3. They intended to wait for the audience response before deciding which series to pick up. In the end none of the pilots went into series. BBC3 instead chose a pilot they haden’t shown to the public.

Quotes from Claire

I think we all got our fair amount of blood splattered at us at some point. I don’t know that I approve of gore in general terms. But in this, it’s different.You only see blood when there are operations. There are no unnecessary spurts of blood. And then when it does happen, it’s not just done for effect. It’s like, ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe what’s happened’.

Quotes from Others

The way the emotion works through that cast is tremendous. Claire Foy, who appears in almost every frame, did such an amazing job, and it’s wonderful to see. The casting here is excellent, though. Claire Foy really does heavy lifting. It’s her quest, she’s the centre for us.
Writer Paul Cornell

Quotes from Reviews

Hannah who is played to beautiful affect by Claire Foy
– Monstersandcritics.com

Built around the impressively versatile Claire Foy, fresh from sneering up a storm in Going Postal, Pulse aimed at a tricky mix of soap and supernatural and got it pretty much spot on. Caring without being cloying, Foy handled Hannah’s complicated backstory, which involved both a mental breakdown and a break-up (with the creepy Nick), with some aplomb.
– Metro.co.uk

The excellently understated Claire Foy playing trainee doc Hannah. … Good performances, most notably from Claire Foy as a traumatised trainee doctor, Hannah Carter, resuming her studies following the death of her mother.
– The Guardian

Foy makes for a convincing heroine, and plays the part with the right mix of vulnerability and determination to prevent her character from sliding into the typical woman-in-peril clichés that the horror genre so frequently falls back on.
– Den of Geek

What is absolutely certain is this is a first-rate cast, headed by Claire Foy of Little Dorrit fame as junior doctor Hannah.
– Mirror.co.uk

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