Ding Dong the Wicked (2012)

Claire Foy played A Young Woman Carrying a Flower / A Young Woman with a Cigarette
There’s nothing I inherited except my father’s hair and his lefthandedness. Everything I got I earned.

Ding Dong the WickedPreview: October 1, 2012
Opening: October 4, 2012
Closing: October 13, 2012
Venue: The Royal Court Theatre
Director: Dominic Cooke
Script: Caryl Churchill
Main Cast:

Claire Foy, Sophie Stanton, Daniel Kendrick and Stuart McQuarrie

Genre Short Drama

Plot Outline

A child is shut in her room, a dog is dead in the road, someone is kissing her brother in law. A family locked in hatred is sending a son to war. And meanwhile in another country…

Claire's Role

Claire Foy had two roles: A Young Woman Carrying a Flower and A Young Woman with a Cigarette

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• The thirty minute play takes place around the theatre’s main stage play Love and Information by the same writer, Caryl Churchill

Quotes from Reviews

Stand out performances come from Jennie Stoller and Claire Foy, playing two characters each, covering meek and severe extremes.
Huffington Post

A real stand-out performance was by that of Claire Foy who plays “young woman holding a flower” in the first scene and “young woman with a cigarette” in the second. Her transformation and mannerisms perfectly fit each character and lead the performance, guiding the audience through the increasingly similar narrative of the scenes.
The Upcoming

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