DNA (2008)

Claire Foy played Jan

DNAPreview: February 28, 2008
Opening: March 7, 2008
Closing: April 10, 2008
Venue: Cottesloe Theatre (National Theatre), London
Director: Paul Miller
Script: Dennis Kelly
Main Cast:

Gregg Chillin, Claire Foy, Ruby Bentall, Sam Crane, Jack Gordon, Benjamin Smith, Troy Glasgow, Claire Lams, Ian Bonar, Ryan Sampson

Plot Outline

If you’re a teenager and you do something bad, really bad, what should you do? Tell your parents? Tell the police? Tell a teacher? No, you should do what exactly what adults do; cover the whole thing up and hope no one finds out.

DNA is about a group of teenagers who are brought together by the act of doing something bad. But when things begin to unravel their newfound sense of solidarity begins to crack.

Claire's Role

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Part of a National Theater presentation of three one-act plays, “Baby Girl” by Roy Williams, “DNA” by Dennis Kelly and “The Miracle”.

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