The Miracle (2008)

Claire Foy played Angela Brickman

The MiraclePreview: February 28, 2008
Opening: March 7, 2008
Closing: April 10, 2008
Venue: Cottesloe Theatre (National Theatre), London
Director: Paul Miller
Script: Lin Coghlan
Main Cast:

Ruby Bentall, Rebecca Cooper, Clare Burt, Paul Thornley, Kellie Shirley, Gregg Chillin, Claire Foy, Benjamin Smith, Petra Letang, Henry Lloyd-Hughes, Ryan Sampson, Jack Gordon, Ian Bonar, Nicole Charles, Claire Lams, Kellie Shirley, Sam Crane, Troy Glasgow

Plot Outline

The Miracle takes place in a town which could be your town, where something strange has happened. After the rain, the canal broke its banks, a lot of debris got shifted and when a holy statue burst up through the floor of 12-year-old Veronica Sheehan’s bedroom, no one was more surprised than she was. With the enthusiastic support of best friend Zelda, the two girls set about using their new-found skills to help their ailing community. The young people of the town tell us the story in their own words, showing us their parents, teachers, friends and enemies, as an entire population finds itself hungering unknowingly for something magical to come into their lives.

When the story reaches its dramatic conclusion only Ron will have the power to turn things round and change a life for the better, but will she have the courage to do it?

Claire's Role

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Part of a National Theater presentation of three one-act plays, “Baby Girl” by Roy Williams, “DNA” by Dennis Kelly and “The Miracle”.

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