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AOL TV met the stars of ‘Upstairs Downstairs’

AOL Television met the stars of ‘Upstairs Downstairs‘. Read the whole article here.

Claire Foy as Percy in Upstairs Downstairs

Next we caught up with Claire Foy, star of Little Dorrit, who plays Lady Persephone, asked about her character she said: “She’s definitely a rebel, Persie, but she’s lovely with it.

“She’s Agnes’s sister, you don’t learn much about her in the first episode, but she’s brought to London from Wales to do the whole social thing and when she arrives she’s very uncouth.

“But that stays with Persie throughout the whole thing, she doesn’t conform in anyway, not deliberately, she just wants excitement and parties.”

In the show we see Percy on a Blackshirts march. At the time Britain was facing a threat from Oswald Mosley’s fascist Blackshirts, as Claire explains: “Politics offers her excitement, at the time in 1936 it was exciting, a lot of girls like Percy went off the tracks a little bit. She just goes where the boys are, where the fun is, but she does really read up on it and get in to it.

“She only cares about herself and doesn’t really listen to people either,” she continues.

“Agnes is probably a bit ashamed of Persie, she wants Persie to be a proper lady but she’s has spent her entire life around animals roaming around the Welsh countryside wearing her dad’s clothes, she’s not at all that way inclined. I think Persie deep down wants to be like Agnes but she doesn’t know how to do that so she decides to piss her off instead.”

Speaking of her admiration for her fellow cast members she said: “Anne Reid was a hero, and that’s mainly from Corrie, obviously Eileen and everyone else really, I’d heard of them all before I joined the show.”

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