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TV Choice w/c 5 February Claire Foy’s promising role

Claire Foy reveals how she identified with her latest role as a stroppy teenager in this week’s TV Choice.

Feb 01, 2011 – Claire plays spoilt Erin, 18, who travels to Israel with her friend Elizar in Channel 4’s The Promise. But Erin starts to change when she reads her grandfather’s diary about his experiences in the British peacekeeping force in Palestine at the end of WWII.

‘Erin thinks the world’s against her,’ explains Claire Foy, who spent 10 weeks filming in Tel Aviv.

‘I could appreciate what she was like because I was like her when I was 18. Looking back I was awful, just so moody. I’m worried that my mum’s going to see this and think, “Oh my God, the bitch is back.”’


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