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Voicing BBC 4 Radio Play ‘Leverage’

Claire Foy together with Blake Ritson and ‘Upstairs Downstairs‘ costar Charlie Cox will be voicing this week’s Saturday Play on BBC 4 Radio. Tune in on Saturday, March 26, 2011 at 2.30 pm to listen to the one hour play ‘Leverage‘.

A city banker is found dead in an opulent apartment. At the funeral, his former girlfriend Helen (Claire Foy) is unexpectedly questioned about when she last saw him. Did he mention computer files, or give her anything as a keepsake? Helen’s suspicions mount as she retraces his last movements. Her discoveries put her in the firing line. A fast-paced, psychological thriller.

A taut, character-driven conspiracy thriller by one of radio’s leading writers of thrillers. Like the television hit State of Play, Simon Passmore has created an intelligent plot for grown-ups: writhing with twists and heavy on menace. This will be compelling Saturday afternoon entertainment.

David (Blake Ritson) and Helen (Claire Foy), a professional couple in their mid-twenties, are shocked when Jamie (Nyasha Hatendi), an old friend from university, dies unexpectedly. At the funeral, they meet Mark (Charlie Cox), another mutual friend. Mark implies that he works for Special Services, and tells them that Jamie, a high-flying investment banker, may have killed himself – and that his bank has been under investigation. Did Jamie contact the couple before he died? As Mark teases out information, Helen begins to suspect he is not entirely innocent. Mark’s questions turn into threats, and people start getting hurt. David and Helen find they must expose a murder before it’s too late.

Source: BBC 4 Radio Programme – thanks Lorna for the link.


  1. Hey we finally get to see Claire on Sunday evening in Upstairs. Downstairs. Can’t wait.

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