Jul 08,2011

Love among the ruins

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“You don’t see the broad sweep of London at war,” explains Claire Foy, who appears in the one-off drama as an insecure and brittle marriage bureau owner called Helen Giniver. “It is more personal, about people trying to live their lives while a war is going on and how it affects their decisions and erodes their lives.”


“Working backwards is a really clever device,” says Foy. “You really get the sense that life was almost easier in the war because every decision was made for you and you lived day to day because you knew you might die at any moment. After the war, none of the characters knows what to do with their life and the country is in a state of flux.”


“The four main characters are outsiders, because they are not really part of the status quo,” says Maxwell Martin. “Most of them are hiding secrets, and the drama shows how the war frees them and yet binds them at the same time.”


For both Foy and Maxwell Martin, the toughest part of the shoot was filming on the bomb sites where Kay (Anna Maxwell Martin’s character) has to work. The scenes were shot in Bath, which was doubling as wartime London.

Source: Our scans located in the gallery

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  1. Comment by Fernando Antonio Dos Santos in July 8, 2011 @ 5:50 am

    Fiquei apaixonado pela Claire, assisti o Filme onde seu personagem era uma Bruxa, juntamente com Nicolas Cage, alem seu talento o que mais fiquei apaixonado foi pelo seu rosto e sua Boca ela alem do talento e linda, linda demais gostaria um dia de conhece-la

    Um beijao para ela


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