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‘Wreckers’ World Premiere Yesterday

Claire Foy’s new movie ‘Wreckers‘ finally had its world premiere during the 55th BFI London Film Festival yesterday. Visit CumberBatchWeb for some shots of Claire Foy at the screening as well as their website to read their review of the film. They had nothing but good things to say about Claire as Dawn:

Claire Foy, luminous throughout. … As Dawn Claire Foy is highly personable giving a very natural performance which grounds the film. We share in her confusion at the events that surround her and she keeps the audience on side even when making some truly terrible decisions. … Wreckers is a haunting, compelling tale of secrets and lies, anchored by superb performances from it’s central trio of rising British stars.

The movie is also short-listed for an award at the festival: Director D.R. Hood for ‘Best British Newcomer’ (source). The movie is scheduled for a theatrical release in the UK mid December and it will be made available on Curzon on Demand service shortly afterwards.

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