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‘The Love that Pays the Price’ Tomorrow at 9pm on BBC One

Lady Agnes catches the eye of charismatic American millionaire Caspar Landry but, as she and Sir Hallam look to their future, a tragic turn of events leaves their promised dreams – and a close family member – in jeopardy. Downstairs, Mrs Thackeray makes a momentous decision, which throws the running of the house into chaos. Blanche and Mr Amanjit continue to clash, until a heart-breaking cause compels them to reconsider their differences.

Tune in tomorrow, Sunday, February 26, 2012 at 9pm when the second episode of the new ‘Upstairs Downstairs‘ airs on BBC One in the UK! I added some other clips from both series to the video archive.

– Trailers & Clips: Upstairs Downstairs

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