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Last laugh for Wolf Hall as it wins best lighting Bafta nomination

Wolf Hall is up for best photography and lighting at the Bafta television craft awards, despite a row over gloomy scenes

By Hannah Furness, Arts Correspondent

The makers of Wolf Hall have had the last laugh in the debate over their use of authentic candles in filming, as they are nominated for best lighting at the Bafta Television Craft Awards.

Gavin Finney was nominated for best photography and lighting for the BBC period drama, going up against The Frankenstein Chronicles, Fortitude and London Spy.

The nomination will be a moment of jubilation for the team, after the drama, broadcast last year, was initially blighted by audience complaints about its lighting.

After its first episode aired, viewers lamented they could not “see what’s going on”, with some wondering if their television was “on the blink”.

Programme-makers had already spoken of their unusual approach to lighting, saying they used real tallow candles to experiment with authentic Tudor decoration.

At the time, director Peter Kosminsky said he had only been able to use candlelight due to advancements in technology which means the camera picked up more than the human eye.

“I’m glad you think it looked like candlelight, because it is candlelight,” he said, after being asked about the effect.

“We were lighting a room that existed at the time, in the way it was designed to be lit all those years ago.”

Claire Foy, who played Anne Boleyn, added: “It was the most incredible thing. I do remember looking at Gavin [Finney] and saying ‘seriously, you can’t see anything! How on Earth are you able to do it?’”

Wolf Hall gained six nominations at the Bafta TV Craft awards, including writing, costume, editing, sound and hair; the most of any production.

It was followed by Fortitude, Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell and London Spy with four nominations each.

The Sound of Music Live picked up three nominations for ITV, while CBBC’s Thunderbirds are Go became the first children’s programme to be included in the original music category.

Overall, less than a fifth of the nominees were female ,with 27 women of 137 named nominees receiving recognition.


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