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A Faraway Country About Which We Know Nothing
As 165 Eaton Place reopens its doors, two new arrivals make their mark. But whilst Sir Hallam’s forthright aunt Blanche disrupts life upstairs, feisty new maid Beryl struggles to adjust to life in service. Meanwhile, Lady Agnes’ concern for her children reveals a dark secret about Mr Pritchard. Sir Hallam’s preoccupation with burgeoning Nazi Germany leads him into dangerous waters, and a chance meeting with an unexpected face unlocks a hidden desire within.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow night at 9.30 pm on BBC One to see this episode!

Upstairs Downstairs, Series 2: Production Stills
Upstairs Downstairs, Series 2: Promotion

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‘Upstairs Downstairs’ Series 2 Media Coverage

Promotion for the Sunday evening premiere of series 2 of ‘Upstairs Downstairs‘ on BBC1 is in full swing. Many thanks to our friend Lorna for sending in all the related scans from UK TV magazines. Mostly they use pictures of Keeley Hawes and Ed Stoppard but there are also a few new pictures of Claire Foy as Lady Persie along with background information. More high quality pictures of Lady Persie will be posted in our next update. And there’s also a scan for ‘White Heat‘ which starts airing in the first week of March on BBC2.

You can watch new interviews with Claire Foy on the BBC Website: About Upstairs Downstairs & White Heat. Sadly, we can’t watch them. Could anybody please send in the clips so we can add them to our video archive? Our email is team [@] Many thanks in advance!

– Magazine Scans: Scans from 2012 Many thanks to Lorna

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Claire Foy on the couch

from Stylist (UK) / by Lisa Merrick

Sixty Second Therapist – Stylist‘s life coach Lisa Merrick lawless srutinieses one celebrity psyche

The Upstairs Downstairs actress, 27, on making a fool of herself, feeling lucky, and why she’ll never be a celebrity.

Did you always want to be an actress?
Secretly, deep down, I think I did, but I didn’t really think it was something I could do as a job that people would pay me for. It was a massive surprise when I realised I could and was actually doing it. Even now I’m waiting for someone to say, “We don’t want you anymore. No-one wants to see you.” I’m waiting to be found out.
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Quotes from ‘Upstairs Downstairs’ Press Launch

From Life of Wylie:

I attended the London press launch for the new series last month.

Where we were shown the first episode, which begins in September 1938 with Sir Hallam worried about events in Hitler’s Germany.

Writer and executive producer Heidi Thomas then took part in two Q&A sessions with fellow executive producer Faith Penhale, who is also Head of Drama at BBC Wales.

The first included the Upstairs cast and the second the Downstairs.

Q: We understand that Lady Persie is rather naughty in this series. How naughty does she become?

Claire Foy (Ladie Persie): “As naughty as it’s possible to get, I think.”
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‘White Heat’ Preview & Q+A Tomorrow

A preview of Claire’s upcoming drama series for BBC2 ‘White Heat‘ will be screened tomorrow, February 15 at 8 pm at the BFI Southbank in London. Apart from seeing the 2 60-minute episodes there will also be a Q+A panel with writer Paula Milne, cast members Sam Claflin and Claire Foy and director John Alexander. Tickets are still available, buy them here.

Scripted by award-winning writer Paula Milne (Small Island, The Fragile Heart), White Heat concerns seven characters who share a student flat in London in 1965. The serial explores their interwoven lives, loves and betrayals, set against the social and political backcloth of Wilson through Thatcher, via feminism, hedonism, union strife, the Falklands and HIV to the present day. It explores how our lives are shaped by the choices we make, which are governed by the opportunities society affords us.

White Heat (TV, 2012): Promotion

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2nd Series of ‘Upstairs Downstairs’ Coming Next Week

As announced, ‘Upstairs Downstairs‘ is returning with a 2nd series containing of 6 episodes next Sunday, February 19, 2012 at 9.30 pm on BBC One. Claire Foy reprises her role as Lady Agnes’s younger sister, Lady Persie Towyn.

No drama about an upper-crust family would be complete without a wayward beauty whose behaviour threatens to bring shame on the ancestral name. And in Upstairs Downstairs, Lady Persephone Towyn is no exception.

She is a fascist and has an affair with the family chauffeur, Harry Spargo (shades of Downton Abbey’s Lady Sybil, who also ran off with the Granthams’ driver). In the new series Persie has several dalliances, which raise eyebrows.

Claire says, ‘Persie is precocious and selfish and does some terrible things this time round, so I think a lot of viewers are going to be shocked. I’ll get tomatoes thrown at me in the street.

‘Personally, I think she’s brilliant, and I love playing her, but she has no inhibitions and is big trouble.’

Is Persie jealous of her elder sister? ‘Yes, but not in a destructive way. She secretly envies Agnes, who’s perfect, accomplished and has a family, though she knows she can never be like her.

‘But Agnes doesn’t try to understand Persie and is constantly disappointed by her. She wants them to get on but Persie keeps ruining it. Sometimes Persie feels completely hemmed in by her sister and tries to retaliate.

‘If anything, their relationship gets more and more complex as the series goes on. Persie desperately wants someone to look after her and love her, but doesn’t how to go about it.’


Upstairs Downstairs, Season 2: Promotion

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Another Drawing

We received another skillfully drawn picture of the lovely Claire Foy from Heath Ziegenfusz.

If you too have created some art featuring Claire Foy don’t hesitate to send it in, we love to add it (always with credit, of course).

– Fanart: Drawings

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Fanart Contribution

We received a contribution of a lovely drawing of Claire Foy from Heath Ziegenfusz.

If you too have created some art featuring Claire Foy don’t hesitate to send it in, we love to add it (always with credit, of course).

– Fanart: Drawings

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‘Wreckers’ World Premiere Yesterday

Claire Foy’s new movie ‘Wreckers‘ finally had its world premiere during the 55th BFI London Film Festival yesterday. Visit CumberBatchWeb for some shots of Claire Foy at the screening as well as their website to read their review of the film. They had nothing but good things to say about Claire as Dawn:

Claire Foy, luminous throughout. … As Dawn Claire Foy is highly personable giving a very natural performance which grounds the film. We share in her confusion at the events that surround her and she keeps the audience on side even when making some truly terrible decisions. … Wreckers is a haunting, compelling tale of secrets and lies, anchored by superb performances from it’s central trio of rising British stars.

The movie is also short-listed for an award at the festival: Director D.R. Hood for ‘Best British Newcomer’ (source). The movie is scheduled for a theatrical release in the UK mid December and it will be made available on Curzon on Demand service shortly afterwards.

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‘Wreckers’ to premiere at 55th BFI London Film Festival

Finally ‘Wreckers‘ will have its world premiere! It’s part of the lineup of the 55th BFI London Film Festival in the section “New British Cinema”. It will be screened on the following dates:

Sunday, October 16, 18.30
Tuesday, October 18, 15.30
Friday, October 21, 21.00

Visit the film’s page on the official Festival website to see more details.

Wreckers (2011): Production Stills

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‘Going Postal’ Blu-ray Extras

I added screencaptures of all the ‘Going Postal‘ Blu-ray extras featuring Claire Foy. Most of them are only DVD quality however. I deleted the previous captures from the website featurettes because they all had huge SKY tags on them and were now included in the Blu-ray Extras.

Going Postal (TV, 2010): Blu-ray Featurette > Blooper Reel
Going Postal (TV, 2010): DVD Featurette > Interview Claire Foy
Going Postal (TV, 2010): DVD Featurette > Interview Make-Up
Going Postal (TV, 2010): DVD Featurette > Interview The Fans

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‘The Promise’ Blu-ray Screencaptures – Part 4

As promised, here the screencaptures of Claire Foy as Erin Matthews in the fourth and final episode of ‘The Promise‘. After Paul comes and gets Erin when she’s stuck in Hebron they continue the search for her grandad’s servant and or his family. However, they learn that he moved to Gaza. Paul being unwilling to take her into the warzone Erin asks Omar. When he realizes she plans to return a precious house key to Mohammed he finally agrees to take her. Ending up by herself with relatives of Mohammed Erin faces danger as Israeli soldiers are raiding the house because the family’s daughter was a suicide bomber.

The Promise (TV, 2011): Episode 04

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‘The Promise’ Blu-ray Screencaptures – Part 3

I finally added Blu-ray screencaptures of Claire Foy as Erin Matthews in the third part of the gripping drama ‘The Promise‘. This episode doesn’t feature as much footage of Erin but even so her journey gets more exciting. She goes to see Omar at his home by herself and invites him inside Eliza’s home, which leads to trouble and another epileptic fit. Through the diary Erin finds out how her granddad also suffered from those. After connecting with Paul things go further than planned and Erin takes off by herself to occupied Hebron and into the city’s closed off ‘sterile zone’ which of course again leads to trouble. Expect screencaptures from the final and even more tumultuous final episode later this week – enjoy!

The Promise (TV, 2011): Episode 03

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Television Awards 2011: Official Brochure

The Television Awards brochure was given to all attendees of the 2011 Philips British Academy Television Awards last May. It was made available as e-mag. Not only does it feature the previously mentioned photoshoot of Claire Foy but she answered also the BAFTA Big Questions – how she got into acting, what movies influenced her and what advice she would give to somebody starting out in the acting industry.

– Interviews/News Segments > Philips British Academy Television Awards | Official Brochure | BAFTA Big Questions